All the latest from Geoffrey's Studio

Within this blog, you will find information about Geoffrey, his latest works, insights into his sculpting and casting techniques.
Sculpture, and the principally the study of birds, has been a life long passion for Geoffrey. His dedication and love for what he creates can be seen his work. We hope these blogs provide an insight into his aspirations and vision.

Creating Sculpture

I often make a sculpture in separate body parts. This allows for more freedom in experimenting with the juxtapositions of pieces in marriage to one

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Starting a sculpture

Ask any young child to draw their mother and they will invariably make a stick-like image with two legs, two arms and a head with

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The study of bird anatomy

Ornithologists use the word ‘jizz’ to describe a species’ individual impression in shape, posture and typical behaviour. I often exploit this and observing birds is

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